Current wildfire season

For an introduction to UK wildfires see the FIRES seminars policy brief (PDF, 330KB) and a recent paper on wildfire policy and management (Open access). There are many other useful documents and presentations available on our webpages.

Monitoring of fire risk and fire events

There are a number of tools that are available that look at the fire risk in the UK and Europe, as well as monitor active fire events across the globe.

Media articles

Here are just some articles from the media on the various wildfires in the UK, many including expert comment from colleagues from across the UK and abroad. Check out our Researchers Database for wildfire experts across the country. Expert comments on the recent wildfires can be found at the Science Media Centre.
We’ll aim to keep this page updated as events develop, but if you spot an interesting article, please let us know via Twitter @KfWf_Manchester or email Gareth Clay



Media articles



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