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Julia McMorrow

Julia McMorrow

NERC Knowledge Exchange Fellow, KfWf project leader

Julia is a Senior Lecturer in Remote Sensing in the School of Environment and Development, University of Manchester. She is a physical geographer and geospatial scientist. Her research is on remote sensing of peatlands and wildfire.

She is a member of national fire forums including the England and Wales Wildfire Forum (EWWF), the Fire Sector Federation’s Fire Research and Statistics Forum, the Fire and Rescue Statistics User Group and the CFOA Wildfire Group’s Research and Information workstream. She co-ordinated the FIRES seminar series, the FIRES policy brief and stakeholder survey.

Ioanna Tantanasi

Joanna Tantanasi

KfWf Administrative assistant

Dr. Ioanna (Jo) is a Graduate Teaching Assistant in Human Geography at the University of Manchester. She was previously Post-Doc RA on Julia McMorrow’s NERC IAA project on ‘Signposting NERC-funded research on vegetation for the England and Wales Wildfire Forum’ and co-developed the ‘Who does What’ UK fire researcher database. Her PhD was on Social Network Analysis for Natural Resource Management and focused on mapping the key stakeholders of the Dark Peak (Peak District National Park) who are managing for a carbon agenda. Moors for the Future Partnership have funded a part of her project which resulted in a policy report (PDF).

She is a founding member of ecosystems@manchester (developed as part of a NERC IAA Post-doc RA post held with Prof. Colin Hughes at SEAS), a new research network developed to optimise cross disciplinary collaboration and external engagement across the UoM. She is also a member of the Environmental Processes Research Group (EPRG) at UoM.

Gareth Clay

Gareth Clay

KfWf Communications Office
Gareth is a Lecturer in Physical Geography in the School of Environment and Development, University of Manchester.  His research covers a broad range of carbon biogeochemistry including the carbon budgets of prescribed burning and wildfires.
He is a member of the DEFRA-led Best Practice Burning Group and co-wrote the Scientific Review “Impacts of Burning Management on Peatlands” (PDF, 540KB) as part of the IUCN UK Peatland Programme Commission of Inquiry.